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The Community's Partner in Lifelong Learning

Monroe County Community College's Office of Lifelong Learning is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities to our community. This commitment drives us to provide innovative instruction, training and learning services that are designed for the pursuit of your passions, as well as personal enrichment. Explore courses that can develop skills to take your career to the next level, help train for a new career, or inspire you to learn something new for your own personal interest.

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MCCC’s Office of Lifelong learning has a new and improved registration system that makes it easier for you to enroll in Lifelong Learning courses.

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Online Registration System

  • If you are a first-time user, you must create a new account in the Online Registration System. Fields marked with a red * are required fields to complete.
  • Set up your account.
  1. On the Home Page, click LOGIN/CREATE ACCOUNT
  2. Under New Students, click Create New Profile. Select Student Profile (single user) OR Household Profile, then click Submit. Household Profile is recommended if there are multiple family members who will be taking classes (adults or children). Birthdates of everyone will be required.
  3. Enter fields in Step 1 and click Continue
  4. Enter fields in Step 2 and click Submit. Social Security number is only required if you will be using the Tuition Payment Plan. Note: "Company" and "Class" unlock keys are applicable to Workforce Training clients only.
  5. Once you've created your account, browse the classes offered this semester, and select the ones you want to enroll in!
  • Register for Classes
    1. Find your class(es) and click Add to Cart
    2. Click View Cart and Checkout
    3. Review details and click Agree to Policies and click Checkout
    4. Enter all payment information and click Process Payment. Please note that payment is required at the time of registration. If you do not provide payment, your seat will not be reserved.

Your registration is complete! Information will be sent to you via email.


You may also mail in a check with your compete registration form found in the back of the PDF schedule. Cash payments are accepted in person.

Monroe County residents age 60 or over qualify for a discount of non-credit course tuition charges. The amount seniors are required to pay, which includes all applicable fees, is indicated next to each class throughout the Lifelong Learning schedule.

Select Lifelong Learning courses qualify for a payment plan. 


Upright Non-Credit Training Course Materials

Career Ignition Courses

Upright's Career Ignition courses teach the core concepts and digital foundations necessary to master fundamental skills in high-growth subject areas. These courses can serve as a catalyst to Upright's Career Bootcamps or stand alone as introductory courses.  These courses are deemed “Ignition Content'' for purposes of the Agreement.

Career Bootcamp

Upright's Career Bootcamps teach adult learners the skills they need to enter a new career in tech. The purpose of these courses is to take Students from beginner to employable. Career Bootcamps include Career Services and access to Upright's Employer Network.  

Introductory Courses

Upright’s Introductory courses prepare learners for the fundamentals needed in order to be successful in either the career ignition courses or the career bootcamps within each subject area.  These are deemed Introductory Courses” for the purposes of the agreement.

Visit Upright for more information

Software Development

Types of Content: Career Bootcamps, Career Ignition Courses, Introductory Courses

Software Development courses comprise a range of cutting-edge technologies across multiple languages and frameworks, mainly within the JavaScript family. Bootcamp courses teach front-end and back-end development by emphasizing a practical application of these skills to develop web and mobile-friendly applications. Ignition programs include skill development in specific areas, such as HTML & CSS or JavaScript Programming. Introductory courses offer individual certifications in these particular areas to demonstrate essential competencies.

UX/UI Design

Types of Content: Career Bootcamps, Career Ignition Courses, Introductory Courses

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp is an immersive, synchronous, instructor-led Career Bootcamp that teaches adults the skills they need to launch a technology career. Starting with the fundamentals, Students will quickly advance through topics of increasing complexity, applying creative problem-solving skills to design and iterating on designs based on research. Students leave this course with a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers as well as real-world experience that can be immediately applied to a professional career.

Tech Sales

Types of Content: Career Bootcamps, Career Ignition Courses, Introductory Courses

The Tech Sales Bootcamp is a part-time  Career Bootcamp that teaches adults the skills they need to launch a career in technology sales. Learners will leave the course understanding the complex languages, sales strategies, and client management methodologies needed to be successful within a diverse subset of industries in tech.

Digital Marketing

Types of Content: Career Bootcamps, Career Ignition Courses, Introductory Courses

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a part-time Career Bootcamp that teaches the essential skills necessary to launch a digital marketing career. Learners will start with the fundamentals and progress through a variety of strategies and topics to solve complex marketing challenges within the evolving tech space.

Data Analytics

Types of Content: Career Bootcamps, Career Ignition Courses, Introductory Courses

The Data Analytics Bootcamp is a part-time, flex, mentor-led, Career Bootcamp that covers a variety of tools used to drive and guide complex, big-data oriented decisions. Learners will become experts in analysis, cleaning, mining, synthesis, and decision-making in order to influence key decisions within an increasingly complex business environment.

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